Ranch 179 – 38.06 acres – Formin part of the western border of Elk Valley Ranch and bordered by 640 acres of virgin State Trust Land, this is one of the premiere properties available.  The land sits at the end of a cup-de-sac and lies at 6,800 feet of elevation. The property rises approximately 40′ from its southern reaches to its northern boundary. Its road access runs along the entire southern boundary of the parcel. Thick stands of juniper and pinion pine cover the majority of the center of the ranch providing an ideal spot for a secluded cabin. A cabin build in the center of the parcel would command large sweeping views of the adjoining State Trust land to the west and would offer the owner a great deal of privacy. The northeastern corner of the property has generous portions of level pastured land ideal for fruit or vegetable gardens. Power service spans over 900 feet along the entire southern border of the parcel. $46,900 – $4,690 down payment – $429 per month p.i. 

Ranch 184 – 37.95 acres – This is a great buy on a quality property with an existing County registered septic tank and existing power service. The property is square in shape and includes a generous expand of level meadowland covered with several native range grasses. A leveled, nicely wooded building pad is already in place and gives an owner a beautiful high set cabin site next to the septic system. A cabin build on this pad would give an owner unobstructed views over the tree line of the surrounding wilderness hills and valleys that border Elk Valley Ranch. Road access is provided along the northern and eastern borders of the ranch, giving easy access to the building pad and the property’s interior. Power service stretches along the entire northern boundary of the tract. This ranch is ready to build on now and offers great value. $49,900 – $4,900 down payment – $455 per month p.i.

Ranch 185 – 40.82 acres – This ranch features an excellent blend of mature stands of Pinon Pine and Rocky Mountain Juniper and portions of level pastured land. Gently rolling counters throughout most of the ranch’s acreage, the land features approximately 100′ change in elevation as one travels from the western to the eastern border. Situation at a cool 6,800 feet of elevation, there is a prime building site located towards the center of the lot atop a hill surrounded by evergreens. This building site is easily access via maintained roads on the property’s norther and western borders. This ranch is a short beautiful drive entirely along maintained roads to nearby St. Johns, which offers a full compliment of services. Power service is provided along the northern boundary of the parcel and stretches over 750 feet. $49,900 – $4,990 down payment – $455 per month p.i.

Ranch 186 – $39.73 acres – The land is richly wooded with mature evergreens throughout. A portion of lush pastureland of approximately 5 acres covers its southeastern border. Native range grasses and colorful wildflowers carpet the pasture, which would be ideal for an orchard or vegetable gardens. Two outstanding building sites are available within this land from atop two prominent hills in its northern and southern portions. Each location gives expansive views of the hundreds of acres of State Trust lands to the west. Power services is provided to the northern boundary of the parcel. $45,500 – $,550 down payment – $416 per month p.i.

Rancher 174 – 37.67 acres – Situated at a cool 6,800′ elevation and surrounded by thousands of acres of unspoiled natural wilderness this land is the ideal blending of wooden cabin sites and open grassy meadows. Its wooded acreage covers approximately twelve acres within its western half and includes a prominent ridgeline that rises above its pastures and offers two outstanding building locations. This property’s meadowland is carpeted with a variety of native grasses and mountain wildflowers growing in a soft sandy loam garden soil. $42,600, $4,260 down payment – $389 per month p.i.