Thank you for your inquiry on this very rare, spectacular forested land in Happy Jack, AZ. It is truly difficult to find private deeded property of this size in the tall ponderosa pines on top of the Mogollon Rim. These 40 acre parcels are a must see. There are only 10 available and 8 of these border the Coconino National Forest. This is arguably the finest land we have ever offered in over forty years of selling premium land throughout Arizona.

The property is located in Happy Jack which is a great location only a couple of hours north of Phoenix. At 6,900’, you will enjoy cool summer temperatures with daytime highs in the summer months averaging in the 80’s. The adjoining Coconino National Forest offers unlimited hiking, hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Thoughtful deed restrictions have been put in place to protect property values.You may build whenever you wish or not at all. Camping and RV use is at your leisure. The land can also be subdivided down to 10 acre parcels for investment and estate planning.

Please review this information and call me at the number below for more detailed information or to arrange a personal tour. It would be my pleasure to meet you and to assist you with your visit to this absolutely beautiful acreage.

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Happy Jack Ranch is a collection of ten 40 acre estates that offer a rare opportunity to own a large tract of tall pine forested land with direct access into the adjoining Coconino National Forest. As part of the National Forest System established in 1908, the transformation into private land resulted from an exchange with the National Forest Service. The release of these properties represents the first time in recent history that this coveted land has been available for private deeding. Happy Jack Ranch is bordered on three sides by 1,856,000 acres of National Forest lands. Available tracts include up to 2,400’ frontages along the forest’s border. Access to Happy Jack Ranch is by an exceptional private gated road network surfaced with compacted aggregate stone base providing outstanding access during inclement weather. Owners may build when they choose or not at all and their RV’s are welcome for weekend visits or long vacations.

County zoning approval for ten acre minimum lot sizes is in place which will allow owners to divide their property for investment or estate planning purposes.

Happy Jack Ranch is situated in the heart of the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world high atop the Mogollon Rim at a cool-clear 6,900’ elevation. The drive from metropolitan Phoenix takes about two hours via either State Route 87 through Payson or I-17 to the General Cook Trail to state route 260.

Modeled after the Stewardship Forest program, Happy Jack Ranch has proudly worked with the Arizona Department of Forestry and the Arizona Natural Resources Conservation Service to implement a plan to establish a healthy forest environment within the ranch. The cornerstone of the plan has been selective tree thinning which has created a sustainable forest ecosystem where sunlight nourishes emerging tree varieties and forest grasslands. The program has improved wildlife habitat, helped to eliminate invasive plant species, and helped to suppress wildfires throughout the ranch.

Forested Mogollon Rim top land is highly sought after for the coolest most comfortable summer weather found in northern Arizona. When the desert heat in Tucson and Phoenix sets in and summer highs remain well into the 100’s daily for months on end, owners of a Happy Jack Ranch parcel can relax in daytime highs that rarely exceed the low 80’s.

The cool summer temperatures encourage outdoor activities including, fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Wintertime brings downhill skiing at the Snowbowl, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing. Although secluded deep within the forest, a charming country store with gasoline service, café and post office is only five minutes away at Clint’s Well. Owners can also enjoy excellent dining and light sundry shopping at the nearby Happy Jack Lodge.

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Financing is guaranteed. There are no escrow fees, no credit checks,no qualifying requirements and no prepayment penalties.
All loans are fully assumable.

All property is title insured by Pioneer Title Insurance Company, and all payments are made directly to them to assure the proper accounting of the purchaser’s funds.

Happy Jack Ranch ownership includes private gated access, quality maintained roads, RV use and horse privileges. Intelligent communitycovenants assure tasteful development and protection of values throughout the community. No mobile homes or manufactured housing.

Zoning allows partitioning into 10 acre parcels or larger for investmentor estate planning purposes.

Prices, terms and availability subject to change without notice.