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River Meadows Ranch is a sprawling 8,000 acre wilderness sanctuary located along the upper reaches of the Little Colorado River in the White Mountain area of northeastern Arizona. This seasonally flowing river attracts an abundance of wildlife from miles around and has contributed to an unusually plentiful groundwater supply.

The White Mountains are an impressive mountain wilderness range in this scenic region of Arizona. The area has been a prime vacation/weekend-retreat choice of Arizonans for decades. Its cool summers, mild winters, stunning natural scenery and crystal-clear air are a refreshing departure from the smog and congestion of the city. The area’s huge forest expanses (mostly protected Federal and State) abound with fish and game. Charming country towns, numerous lakes, golf courses, historic sites and more round out the attractions. But privacy, seclusion, freedom of land ownership and laid-back lifestyle are still the main reasons why so many have responded to our largeparcel wilderness ranches there.

Prime Horse Country

Situated in this prime vacation land is River Meadows Ranch, a large and varied selection of 40-acre parcels (also 80’s and 160’s) apportioned from private farm and ranch holdings. Parcels offer a broad range of terrain selections. Here you can choose from dense stands of evergreens throughout, blends of trees and meadows, rugged-highset wooded ridge tops, and all open pastureland. Some border State Trust Lands. These expansive 640 acre wilderness tracts provide a quiet, scenic backdrop for adjoining ranch owners. You’re bound to find your perfect fit here. And all at a summer-cool, winter-mild 5600’ or so elevation.

The land remains in a pristine natural condition. Anasazi Indian artifacts are still found throughout the area. Local owners commonly retrieve pottery shards, spear points and arrowheads that were crafted by the Anasazi over 1,000 years ago.

River Meadows Ranch is but a short spin from St. Johns, Snowflake, Holbrook and Show Low, each inviting country towns with an ample assortment of shopping, service, recreation, and medical facilities.