The Final Release of G-BAR Ranch is NOW AVAILABLE.

These homesteads are selling fast. Please call First United Realty at 602.264.0000 to schedule an appointment to walk the land with one of our land specialists.

GBAR Ranch Final Release

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St John's, Arizona
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Prices and Financing Terms

Parcel prices vary according to specific size, location, terrain and specific features.

Prices in the 36 acre range start at only $49,900 total. Terms are 10% down, balance at 8% interest for 15 years. This yields monthly payments as low as $430. Discounts are available with larger down payments. 

Financing is guaranteed. There are no closing costs, no credit checks, no qualifying requirements, no prepayment penalties and all loans are fully assumable.

All property is title insured by the ranches trustee, Pioneer Title Insurance Company and all payments are made to them to assure the proper handling of purchaser's funds.

Parcel prices include quality built maintained access roads along county recorded easements.

Seller Financing Plans

Choose from the following seller financing plans and save thousands of dollars. Financing is guaranteed. NO closing costs, NO credit checks, NO qualifying requirements and NO early payoff penalties.

10% Down Payment, 8% Interest Rate.
Payments start at $430 mo.

20% Down Payment, 7.5% Interest Rate. 3.0% Discount.
Payments start at $357 mo.

30% Down Payment, 7.0% Interest Rate. 5.0% Discount.
Payments start at $292 mo.

CASH, 7.0% Discount

Reasons to Buy G-Bar
Reasons to Buy G-Bar
Reasons to Buy G-Bar
Reasons to Buy G-Bar
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