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Ranches for Sale in Arizona: Woodland Valley Ranch

Woodland Valley Ranch is a  select offering of 36 acre parcels secluded within one of Arizona’s most beautiful private ranches. The Ranch offers spacious 36 acre parcels of lush grassy meadows, heavily wooded ridge tops and stunning rock formations and is just minutes from top fishing, hunting & boating. The weather is a distinct 4-seasons, yet all mild. Land of this quality represents a truly fine value.

The water at Woodland Valley Ranch is just the way it comes from Mother Nature. You will be a property owner with access to the largest groundwater supply in northeastern Arizona (the Coconino Aquifer). A complimentary convenience well is also available to Ranch owners for either temporary or permanent water hauling.

Now is the time to secure your own spectacular retreat property at Woodland Valley Ranch.

Woodland Valley Ranch is located a short drive north of the pioneer town of  St. Johns AZ. Nestled in a lush fertile valley high atop the cool-clear highlands of the beautiful Colorado Plateau, St. Johns offers a  range of shopping and services including grocery stores, automotive stores, banks, restaurants, schools and churches.  With its abundant water supply, rich farming soils and comfortable year-round climate, St. Johns was the perfect location for the pioneer families who settled the valley in the Spring of 1874. The town is now the Apache County seat. Rich in pioneer history and steeped in rural traditions, this charming town offers Woodland Valley Ranch owners a full compliment of nearby services.

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