Build your Alpine Forest Estates Cabin Site With Confidence

Alpine Forest Estates is serviced by the Alpine Sanitation District sewer system providing you with dependable wastewater service, saving your money and your trees. Here are a few reasons to buy land serviced by sewer rather than a septic tank.

Save your trees from the backhoe. No requirement to cut down your trees to accommodate an expansive leach field as required with septic tanks.

Gives you maximum freedom to site your cabin or home. No need to decide whether the leach field or your forest home will be priority site. Eliminate the “perc” test. Save worries and expense. This pre-design test required for individual septic tanks generally costs $800.00 or more.

Save thousands of dollars. No tap fee is required to hookup to Alpine Forest Estate’s sewer system. Today, it is routine to spend $18,000 to $22,000 or more for an individual system in northern Arizona’s forests.

Eliminate the need for an individual drain field on your property. No effluent released directly on your property.

Eliminate the 100% reserve area requirement for your property. You will never need to clear and dig up new areas on your property for an expensive replacement of a failed septic tank.

Remove the uncertainty of changing regulations and requirements surrounding individual systems. Individual system regulations and periodic testing requirements are subject to County change.

Enjoy your getaway faster. At your selected build time, the immediate availability of the sewer system will speed and ease the permit process.

Choose to save money, time, eliminate uncertainty, and maximize the use of your land.

Choose Alpine Forest Estates!