Parcel prices vary according to actual size, tree cover, access & terrain and landscape features.

Prices for a full 36 acre ownership begin at $17,900. Seller financing is available on all purchases. Terms are 10% down, balance at 9% interest for a 15 year loan. This yields payments from as little as $164 a month. Most Elk Valley Ranch properties are off grid, although there currently are a limited number of parcels available that include three phase power. Large rural acreages in a scenic wilderness setting like Elk Valley Ranch are very rare and represent a unique ownership opportunity. Prices for these tracts begin at $32,500 with monthly payments starting at $297.

Financing is guaranteed. There are no closing costs, no credit checks, no qualifying requirements, no early payoff penalties and all loans are fully assumable.

The title to each Elk Valley Ranch parcel is free and clear and held in trust with First American Title as the ranch trustee. First American provides title insurance on all sales. All payments are made directly to them to assure the proper accounting of the purchaser’s funds.

All parcels at Elk Valley Ranch are served by well built dirt roads along County recorded easements. Maintenance of this private road network is well funded and responsive.

Sensible use guidelines assure tasteful use/development and preservation of the fine wilderness environment. You may build when and if you want. Camping and RV use is always permitted on these spacious 36+ acre ranches.

Prices, terms and availability subject to change without notice.