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The topographical features depicted on this map are helpful in visualizing the landscapes of each of the individual properties. The mapping is based upon the U.S. Geological Survey map of Elk Valley Ranch and is set at 20 foot contour intervals. This means that each line represents a 20 foot change in elevation. Blue lines indicate rain fed arroyos and ponds. Elk Valley Ranch properties are situated in a lush mountain valley amid striking rock formations and prominent wooded ridgelines. The acreages here offer some of the finest secluded cabin sites found anywhere in Arizona. The custom surveying of each ranch parcel along the natural contours of the land has produced ranch sized parcels combining generous portions of woodland, meadows, and highset building sites with overlooks of the surrounding wilderness.

Location: Elk Valley Ranch Unit 2 is located in Apache County approximately 15 miles east of St. Johns, AZ. Access from this charming pioneer community to the Ranch is via the Salt Lake Road, a quiet County maintained gravel road suitable for all types of vehicles.

Elevation: The mean elevation is 6,800 feet above sea level. The air at this elevation is clear and crisp. Several light winter snows can be expected at this elevation, while the summer monsoons provide rainfall throughout the months of July, and August.

Special Features: Many Elk Valley Ranch acreages border State Trust Land or BLM Land. These large blocks of land are typically 640 acres in size and provide a quiet, natural backdrop to ranch owners.

Power Service: Power service is available to several Unit 2 properties, while many others are but a short extension away. (Refer to the map for the location of the existing service line.) Secluded locations with power service are very rare and represent a unique opportunity to enjoy the convenience of electricity within an otherwise undeveloped wilderness setting. Those wishing to utilize more traditional power sources such as solar and wood fuels will also find both in plentiful supply.

Map not precisely to scale.  Parcel prices and availability subject to change without notice.