Arizona Land at Sierra Mountain Ranch

Tract 25 – 37.52 acres
This entirely usable ranch is located near the entrance to the ranch and its free access community well approximately 23 miles northeast of St. Johns, Arizona in Apache County. The land is situated at a cool and clear 6,300 foot elevation where the comfortable temperatures allow ranch owners to enjoy their land year-round. The days here are sunny, the night time sky clear and the mountain air clean and refreshing. The contours of the land are nearly level, making this land very easy to fence with no washes or areas of erosion. The property’s prime cabin sites are located along the crest of a ridge which crosses through the land’s center. Cabin decks and picture windows from atop this high point will have unobstructed views of the land’s rich meadows as well as scenic overlooks into the surrounding mountains and valleys. All building sites have excellent solar exposure for alternative power generation. 640 acres of beautiful State Trust lands border the property along the entire length of its 1,334' western boundary. This acreage is ideal for livestock and self sufficiency gardens and orchards. The soil throughout is a soft sandy loam. $32,900, $3,290 down $283 per month p.i.

Tract 127 – 37.71 acres
Heavily wooded and very private, this land features three high points near its center that are ideal for positioning a cabin or parking an RV or 5th wheel. They are represented on the enclosed topographical map as three small circles. These elevated portions of the property open up views into the 640 acres of heavily forested State Trust land that backs up to the property along its entire eastern border. Although some trees will need to be cleared in order to provide driveway access to these locations, they will provide the owners with several cords of exceptional quality firewood. Additional views looking southward provide overlooks of the Zuni River Valley and snowcapped White Mountains. This is level piece of land that can be easily built upon without any washes or obstructions interfering with its use. Its woodlands provide extraordinary seclusion and privacy for its owners. $32,900, $3,290 down, $283 per month p.i.

Tract 44 – 37.64 acres
With impressive views across thousands of unspoiled wilderness acres, this heavily forested land is one of the very finest view properties in Sierra Mountain Ranch. Throughout the property tall stands of evergreens provide protected building sites deep within the trees. A prominent ridge illustrated on the topographical map of the land as the dark brown line, affords unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains and valleys across the entire southern horizon. The 360 degree solar exposures are excellent for solar panel arrays and greenhouse orientations. As with all Sierra Mountain Ranch properties, the entire acreage is covered in a soft sandy loam garden soil without any unusable area of surface rock. The land has road access on two sides which provide convenient approaches to its interior and can be utilized should the owners wish to split off acreage for estate planning or investment purposes. The adjoining 640 acres of State Trust land is a beautiful mix of woodlands and open meadows and home to free roaming herds of elk and antelope. This a quiet beautiful wilderness landscape, will provide picture windows and outdoor decks expansive views across the valley below and into the distant snow capped mountains. Also ask to see tract 50, which is a comparable property. $34,400, $3,440 down, $296 per month p.i.

Tract 136 – 37.76 acres
This is one of the very most dramatic view properties ever offered in First United’s forty year history. Adjoining 1,280 acres of quiet State Trust lands with their evergreen woodlands and grassy meadows, this extraordinary acreage offers many outstanding cabin, fifth wheel and RV sites. The highest point is located in the land’s northwest corner with easy access to it from Pinto road. From anywhere on the acreage, broad open views down into the Zuni River valley below and Escudilla Mountain and the White Mountains to the south, spread across the southern horizon. Seclusion, privacy and unparalleled views make this land a rare find worth seeing. Also compare this land to tract 135 adjoining it. It also is bordered by State Trust land and has comparable views. $39,900, $3,990 down, $344 month p.i.

All properties and sales prices are subject change without notice