Buy with confidence

First United Realty is Arizona's legacy land company, with over 10,000 satisfied property buyers in its' family of land owners. For over 40 years, First United and its' predecessor, First United Service Corporation, have acquired only the finest quality recreational and residential properties in Arizona and made them available to anyone seeking a quiet retreat where people can truly experience the beauty of nature. You can buy with confidence knowing that First United will be there to expertly guide you, step by step through your purchase.

Finally, ownership of a Sierra Mountain Ranch homestead can be an endearing legacy to pass along to your children, grandchildren and generations to come. No matter how crowded, noise, or dangerous our cities become, at Sierra Mountain Ranch you and your family will own a spacious wilderness retreat of serenity and beauty forever.

The nearby historic town of St. Johns

Nestled in a lush fertile valley high atop the cool-clear plateau of the beautiful Colorado Plateau lies the historic town of St. Johns. With its abundant water supply, rich farming soils and temperate year-round climate, St. Johns was the perfect location for the pioneer families who settle the valley in the Spring of 1874. Since then, the town has grown to become the Apache County seat. Rich in pioneer history and steeped in rural traditions, this charming town offers Sierra Highlands Ranch owners a full compliment of nearby services.