Land to live on and live for.

In the cool highlands of northeastern Arizona, set amid a lush wilderness ecosystem of evergreen woodlands nutrient rich native grasses and rich sandy loam garden soils arc the 36 acre homesteads of Sierra Mountain Ranch. At an average elevation of 6 200 feet above sea level, these spacious properties enjoy pure mountain air and cool refreshing temperatures amid incomparable seclusion and privacy.

Sierra Mountain Ranch is a sprawling 11,00 acre wilderness sanctuary in the White Mountain area of eastern Arizona. The White Mountains arc an impressive mountain wilderness???? range in this scenic region of Arizona. The area has been the vacation/weekend retreat choice of Arizonans for decades. In cool summers, mild winters, stunning natural scenery and clear air are a refreshing departure from the smog and congestion of the city. The area's huge forest expanses (mostly protected Federal lands) abound with fish and game. Charming country towns, numerous lakes, hiking trails and historic sites round out the attractions.

The ranch's woodlands arc sanctuary to free roaming herds of stately elk, antelope and mule deer that peacefully graze its grassy meadows. Undisturbed, they can be seen grazing in the ranch's lush grasslands throughout the seasons. Wildlife conservation corridors have been established within the ranch to allow their continued access and to preserve their presence in it...

Ranch parcels offer a range of contours and landscapes. Herc you can chose from dense stands of evergreens throughout blends of trees and meadows high set wooded ridge lines or all rich pasturdand. Many border beautiful State Trust lands. These sprawling 640 acre natural landscapes provide a quiet scenic backdrop to adjoining Sierra Mountain Ranch owners.

Zoned for recreational, residential and agricultural use, owners have the freedom to use their land in a wide variety of ways. Camping, RV's, 5th wheels and cabin construction are at the pleasure of the property owner. There arc no requirements to build and no time requirements to finish construction. Horse and livestock privileges arc included. Maintained roads constructed upon recorded perimeter casements provide title insured access to each property.

Only 17% of the land in ARIZONA is private

Ownership of private land in Arizona is limited to only 17% of the State. High quality land in a mild climate with a proven groundwater supply like Sierra Mountain Ranch is prized and with the state's surging growth becoming rare. First United Realty acquires and develops only the highest quality recreational land. We have assisted thousands of people from all over the United States in the acquisition of their Arizona ranch properties.