Ranch Map for Sierra Mountain Ranch

Ranch Map for Sierra Mountain Ranch

Location: 23 miles northeast of St. Johns, Arizona.

Access: Sierra Mountain Ranch is easily accessed via State Route 191. All interior roads are maintained.

Elevation: The Ranch is comprised of over 11,000 acres of private virgin wilderness surrounded by an additional 13,000 acres of scenic State Trust lands. The elevations range between 6,200 and 6,500 feet above sea level.

The air at this elevation is extremely pure and very clear. The clear dark nightime sky is arrayed with stars and constellations rarely seen in urban areas.

Topography: The topographical map illustrates the contours of each property. The contour lines are set at 20 foot intervals. The dark green shaded areas indicate dense concentration of trees.The lighter shaded areas are more lightly wooded and blended with areas of open grassy meadows carpeted with colorful wildflowers.

Terrain: There are a variety of terrains and landscapes to choose from. Property choices include level grassy meadowland, gently contoured woodlands blended with portions of pastureland, and parcels generously treed throughout. The gentle contours of each property make every acre usable. There are no deep eroded washes or steep inaccessible portions. Most properties are accented by prominent ridgelines that give their owners a selection of building sites with commanding uninterrupted views of the surrounding wilderness mountains and valleys.

Water: Ranch owners have direct access to Northern Arizona’s largest supply of groundwater, the massive Coconino Aquifer.

Soil: This region of northeastern Arizona enjoys some of the finest sandy loam soils found anywhere in the State. Area owners grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains including apples, peaches, pears, tomatoes, corn and alfalfa.

Prices and Terms: Prices start at only $32,900. Owner financing is available with 10% down, balance at 8% interest for 15 years with monthly payments starting at only $283. Price discounts and lower interest rates are available with increased down payments. There are no qualifying requirements for the financing, no prepayment penalties, and no closing costs. All loans are assumable.

Prices and parcel availability subject to change without notice.