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Don’t overlook a hidden gem in Arizona’s Rim Country.

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Arrive Sooner– For most, Tamarron Pines is only 2 hours and a few minutes from their Metro area homes. The easy drive invites you to leave after work instead of waiting until the next morning. Arrive, unpack, and enjoy while many are still driving to a farther location.

Be Cooler – At nearly 7000 feet, summer days at Tamarron Pines are mild and enjoyable; nearly 10 degrees cooler than Payson, Prescott and other communities below the rim. Early mornings the air is crisp, clear and cool. Breathe deep. Repeat. Enjoy.

Lose the Crowd – As you arrive, look in the rearview mirror. Most likely, no one is there. How great is that? Tamarron Pines’ secluded Coconino National Forest location allows you to leave the crowd behind without leaving pavement.

Slow Down – Find a comfy spot and relax. There’s plenty not to do. Read a good book, listen to the breeze through the trees, and take a nap.

Embrace Nature – Huge tracts of nearby Federal National Forest and low-density development immerse you in nature. Keep your senses attuned. Inhale the soft scent. Listen. Observe. Dropping, hoof prints, rubs, evidence we share this land abounds. Keep an eye out for the neighbors; they are wild, as in elk and deer, of course. Short adventures into the surrounding National Forest lands will take you to uncrowded lakes and streams, quiet canyons, spectacular overlooks. Enjoy in solitude or share with loved ones.


Friendly Environment– Tamarron combines the best of nature and man. Spacious, low- density lots served by water, power, telephone, an environmentally friendly low- pressure central sewer system, paved access to each property, and a central fire hydrant system throughout. The Long Valley store, the Happy Jack Post Office and the Blue Ridge Fire Station reflect an America of an earlier time. Visit and catch up on local news and fishing reports.


Stay Longer – Since the drive isn’t that long, Tamarron’s location and lure invites cabin owners to “stay over Sunday and start early Monday”


Tamarron Pines

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In Arizona’s Rim Country

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