Prime Ranch Land

Each property has been surveyed by a licensed surveyor and all property corners are clearly monumented. All roads maintained and are built along county recorded right of way easements. The Seller pays all escrow fees and provides guaranteed no qualifying financing.  All properties are subject to prior sale without notice. Please contact your First United agent for current availability.

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy one of these beautiful high country ranches at once in a lifetime prices.

Ranches 162 –36.42 acres. Our best value in Sierra Highlands Ranch ownership.  This tract borders 640 acres of scenic State of Arizona Trust lands and is situated at the base of a beautiful wilderness mesa at an elevation of 5,800 feet. The mesa with its striking rock and boulder formations towers 300 feet above these properties forming a picturesque backdrop for the family cabin or weekend RV. This land is covered with a carpet of native grasses and mountain wildflowers growing in a soft sandy loam based soil. Although nearly level to the eye, it has a gentle change in elevation from west to east as the land approaches its eastern boundary at the base of the mesa. With broad sweeping views to the south, west and east of thousands of untouched wilderness acres, this land enjoys outstanding solar exposures for off grid solar arrays and greenhouse orientations.  Some of the shallowest water tables in the ranch are also found in this area. $25,900 $2,590 down $223 month.

Ranch  154 39.32  acres.  This property has uninterrupted views across thousands of acres of scenic grasslands and red hued mesas in all directions. Cabin decks and picture windows will have uninterrupted views across the surrounding wilderness mountains and valleys. The land’s southern exposures provide outstanding solar power and greenhouse opportunities. This is prime horse acreage carpeted with a variety of native range grasses and summertime mountain wildflowers growing in a soft sandy loam based soil. This sought after soil not only provides the nutrient rich grasses for your livestock, but it also provides the perfect base for self-sufficiency vegetable gardens and fruit trees. This is a scenic level expanse of land offering a selection of secluded building sites along its over 1,629 foot border with 640 acres of State of Arizona Trust lands. The broad, sweeping views, shallow water table,  and scenic backdrop of a beautiful mesa which rises up behind the property, makes this land one of the best values on the ranch. $25,900, $2,590 down, $223 month.

Ranch 20536.02 acres.  This ruggedly beautiful property combines heavily wooded portions, with high set ridglines and pockets of open meadowland. This is a dramatic view property with many cabin and RV sites ideally positioned throughout its boundaries. The highest elevations of the property are situated along the entire length of its eastern boundary with road access to this portion constructed and in place. The dominant views from the property look out to the north, west and south across thousands of acres of untouched natural landscapes. Heavily treed hills form its eastern backdrop. Approximately ten level acres of mixed trees and pasture were surveyed into the center of the land. The very best view building sites are stretch out across this area of the property. Cabin decks and RV pads will enjoy incomparable uninterrupted views across one of northern Arizona’s most scenic natural vistas. The land rests at a cool clear 6,200’ elevation. $27,900, $2,790 down, $240 month.

Tract 249 – 38.05 acres. One of the prime acreages in the entire ranch, this property includes approx. 20 acres of heavily wooded ridges which terrace down from the high ground into approx. 18 acres consisting of a mix of trees and level grassy meadowland. The highest portions of the property are ideally positioned along the western border of the land where the land commands overlooks across the adjoining 640 acres of wooded State Trust land. The nearest private land to the south is one mile away. Driveway access across the meadow and up to the high points on this acreage will not require any difficult grading or construction issues. The valuable pasture area offers plenty of room for stables, corrals, barns and greenhouses. Its soft loam soil is capable of supporting a wide range of fruit trees and self-sufficiency vegetable gardens, which thrive in this climate. The land has end of the road access. The road to the land dead ends at the northeast corner of the property. Although well depths can vary within specific parcels, a nearby well has a depth of approx. 350’ and pumps fresh clean water directly from the wellhead.  $38,700, $3,870 down, $333 month.

Tract 197 – 37.04 acres. This is an exceptional acreage which affords very private building/RV sites surrounded by fragrant stands of pinon pines and Rocky Mountain junipers. Immediately upon crossing into the property, a series of wooded building sites begin to appear. The most prized of these locations are positioned in the property’s center at 6,300’ above sea level. This area is illustrated on the topographical map as the dark brown line which transects the acreage from north to south.  Expansive views down across the rain fed canyon backing the land to the east, give way to sweeping views of a remote mountain valley and series of rolling hills that stretch across the entire northern horizon. The summer months of July and August bring the onset of the annual monsoon rains which nourish dozens of varieties of native grasses and wildflowers growing on the property. A rain fed arroyo courses through this land channeling the monsoon rains into the valley below. This is a heavily wooded parcel, most suitable for those seeking the protection that the trees provide. $31,500, $3,150 down, $271 month.

Tract 249 – 38.05 acres. One of the prime acreages in Sierra Highlands Ranch, this property includes approx. 5 acres in its southwest portion that form one of the highest elevations in the ranch. This area is illustrated on the topographical map as the dark brown lined section in this area of the land. At this 6,400’ elevation, a selection of outstanding locations to position a cabin or RV spread across the rise’s woodlands, each with far reaching views in all directions. From this high point, the land gently falls off to the east through a stand of trees until a level open meadow covered with grasses and wildflowers opens up. The meadow is very usable throughout. There is no surface rock or areas of erosion. Overall, this land will be very easy to fence in. This is one of the few private tracts that enjoys a border with 640 acres of State Trust land. The entire western line of the property controls 979’ (over three football fields long) of common border with the State land. $38,700, $43,870 down, $333 month.

Tract 177 – 42.38 acres. Approximately 18 acres of this land rests atop Sierra Highlands Mesa, a towering rock escarpment that rises up from the Zuni River valley forming the majority of Sierra Highlands Ranch. This is an interesting piece of land offering huge views from its 950’ ownership atop the mesa’s crest line.  A thick mantle of trees covers most of this top portion, making an extraordinary selection of cabin sites or RV retreat locations. Views of wilderness mountain ranges and the grasslands in the valley floor below easily reach out over 50 miles to the south, west and north from all of the sites. From the top of the mesa, the property drops off 300’ into the quiet valley below where another 8 to 10 acres of rich pastureland open up among a series of beautiful rock and boulder formations. Road access has been built to the upper portion but not to the valley portion, although a 30’ road easement corridor around adjoining parcels has been recorded to ensure easy access to this area. $31,400, $3,140 down, 270 month.

Tract 211 – 40.94 acres.  This land was surveyed to take in the summit of a series of hills and ridges that form the highest points in the ranch. The land is rugged throughout, with terraced drop-offs that slope from the eastern high points down into a level open meadow in the property’s western portion. The prime cabin or RV pad on this property is reached by turning off the access road which ends at this property’s southeast corner and then approx. 150’ through the trees to a scenic overlook unmatched on any other Sierra Highlands property. From this summit, the views break out across untouched wilderness landscapes that span the entire northern, eastern and western horizons. Tree cover and undulating land contours to the south present a beautiful backdrop and enhance the privacy of this land. This is a very private and secluded acreage best suited for those with four wheel drive vehicles, which will ensure all weather access through the hills and ridges that lead to it. $27,800, $2,780 down, $239 month.

Tract 256 – 37.33 acres. (Not pictured on the topographical map) A sprawling 640 acres of State Trust land comprised of gently rolling hills wooded with fragrant evergreens and grassy meadows blanketed with mountain wild flowers is located along the southern boundary of the ranch. Deeded ownerships adjoining these rare State sections are coveted and sell quickly. Tract 256 is an outstanding choice for those wanting a level entirely usable ranch and easy access into the State trust land. (A permit is required to use State Trust land for recreational purposes. Ask your First United agent for details.)  This acreage controls 1,168’ feet of common border with the State section. This is nearly four football fields in length. Although not dense, there are many trees growing throughout the land. It is a level property surveyed to include a heavy concentration of wooded acreage along its western perimeter which opens into lush grassy meadowland throughout the rest of the acreage. Great Horse, orchard, and large garden land with no surface rock or unusable areas. On special for $25,900., $2,590 down, $2223 month.

  • All properties are subject to sale without notice. Please check with your First United agent for current availabilities.