Sierra Highlands Ranch Map

Location: 18 miles northeast of St. Johns, Arizona in Apache County - approximately 15 minutes south of Interstate 40.

Access: Sierra Highlands Ranch is easily accessed via State Route 191. All interior ranch roads are for the private use of ranch owners and their guests. The ranch lands' entire road network is maintained.

Elevation: The ranch is comprised of approximately 16,000 acres of virgin wilderness. Elevations range from 5,800’ to 6,300’ above sea level. The air at this elevation is extremely pure and always very clear. The nighttime sky is arrayed with unobscured views the spectacular Milky Way, free from city lights and air pollution.

Water: Ranch owners have direct access to northern Arizona’s largest underground water basin, the massive Coconino Sandstone  Aquifer, which produces a dependable supply of water for both domestic and irrigation uses. Additional water is available within a second overlying aquifer, the Bidahochi Aquifer, which also provides domestic quality water at affordable drilling depths. In addition, Sierra Highlands property owners have free access to the ranch's new convenience well. The well is powered by a state of the art solar pump system and is available to owners 24/7.

Soil: This region of northeastern Arizona enjoys some of the finest sandy loam soils found anywhere in the state. Area growers harvest a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains including apples, peaches, pears, tomatoes, corn, peppers, potatoes, winter wheat and alfalfa.

Topography: This topographical map illustrates the contours of each property. The contour lines are set at 20’ intervals. The closer the spacing between each line, the more dramatic the elevation changes become within a given parcel. Green shading indicates areas of evergreen trees. The lighter shaded portions illustrate predominantly grassy meadows carpeted with native range grasses and mountain wildflowers.

Terrain: The new releases illustrated on this map represent an outstanding variety of terrains and landscapes from which to choose. Properties just released include: Level open meadows with the dramatic backdrop of a towering boulder strewn mesa, gently rolling woodlands blended with open areas of pastureland and heavily treed ridge lines with sweeping overlooks of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

State Trust Land: A limited number of beautifully wooded parcels bordering State of Arizona Trust lands are now available in Sierra Highlands Ranch. These 640 acre State sections provide a quiet and scenic backdrop for adjoining parcel owners. Deeded land bordering State land in Sierra Highlands Ranch is very rare. These new properties offer a unique opportunity to own one the few that will ever be available.

These Topographical Maps Illustrate Typical landscape you can choose from. All parcels are subject to prior sale. Maps are not exactly to scale. Prices and parcel availability subject to change without notice.