Northern Arizona Area Activities Guide

This is just a sampling of the numerous nearby outdoor recreational opportunities available to property owners at Sierra Verde Ranch. For more information, please call 1.800.966.6690.

Northern Arizona is world renowned for its stunning sights and sporty activities. Within less than 3 hours drive of Sierra Verde Ranch lie a legion of memorable attractions.


Colorado River: hundreds of miles of boating, rafting, scenic wonder. Many facilitied entry sites.

Diamond Creek: Great Colorado River boating takeoff point. Facilities, boat launch.

Gambling/Shows: Nearby town of Laughlin is a mini Vegas while the city of Las Vegas is only a 2 ½ hour drive.

Grand Canyon: World’s leading wonder, miles wide and a mile deep. Open all year (south rim). Lodging, services, mule treks, aircraft flights, rafting trips, etc. Fine visitor center by National Park Service and knowing Forest Rangers.

Golf: A host of inviting courses beckon throughout the area (call us for a directory).

Havasu Falls: Spectacular waterfall in Havasu Canyon. Silver-flecked clarity! Helicopter in, stay at charming Havasupai guest lodge.

Historic Mining Towns: Jerome (good museum), Oatman (wild burro famed), Chloride (fun Old Miners’ Day).

Hoover Dam: One of engineering’s greatest feats: at 727′, the highest concrete dam in the U.S.

Lakes: Many, small to huge! Great fishing all. A sample: Cataract, Havasu, Kaibab, Lynx, Mary, Mead, Mohave, Mormon, White Horse, Willow.

London Bridge: Famed span transplanted to Lake Havasu City. Charming English village at foot. Nightlit spectacular on the lake!

Lowell Observatory: Clyde Tombaugh discovered the planet Pluto here. Huge refractor telescope. Occaisional public events (call for info).

Montezuma Castle: National Monument. Climb up in unique ancient cliff dwellings. Excellent display center.

National Forests: Kaibab, Coconino, Prescott: offering thousands of acres of fun exploring, fine camping, great hunting and more.

Northern Arizona University: Nationally famed for forestry, hotel/restaurant management, excellence in education programs, etc. Oak Creek: Meandering, sizeable creek, particularly noteworthy in Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona. Fishing, sports, sights. Fun “Slide Rock,” splendid fall colors!

Prescott: The original Arizona capitol. Famed courthouse square, Whiskey Row, Palace Saloon.

Route 66: Historic forbear of cross-country highways; a real memory lane, nostalgia rich.

S.F. Peaks, Arizona Snow Bowl: Arizona’s highest mountain. AAA ski center with lifts, multiple runs, full amenities surrounding.

Sedona: Capitol of the famed red-rock country. Beautiful weather-formed rock formations, backdrops seen widely in western film extravaganzas.

Sunset Crater: National Monument. Huge vocanic-cone crater.

Tuzigoot: National Monument. Intriguing, well-preserved pre-Columbian ruin from about 1300!

Verde River: Fast flowing, very popular for scenic tubing treks.

Walnut Canyon: National Monument. Cliff dwellings in beautiful canyon setting.

Williams Ski Area: North side of Bill Williams Mountain. Pulley type ski run, nice small lodge. Popular close-in facility.

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