Chevelon Canyon Ranch property owners have access to the property owners association’s two convenience wells, one with a 10,000 gallon storage tank, 3 phase high-rate pump, and 25KW propane driven generator, the other solar powered. When connected to a 2” hose, the wells are capable of filling a 300 gallon tank in ten minutes or less. Designed for either year-round or weekend use, the wells provides Chevelon Canyon Ranch owners with a convenient water source. Members in good standing with the Association have free access to the water. Each property has been surveyed by a licensed surveyor and all property corners are clearly monumented. All roads are maintained and are built along county recorded right of way easements. The seller pays all escrow fees and provides guaranteed no qualifying financing.  

Prices and Terms

Parcel prices vary according to actual size, location & specific features.

Prices in the 36 acre range start at $25,500 total. Terms are 10% down, balance at 10% interest for 15 years. This yields monthly payments from as low as $247. Discounts are available with larger down payments.

Financing is guaranteed. There are no closing costs, no credit checks, no qualifying requirements, no early payoff penalties and all loans are fully assumable.

All property is title insured by Pioneer Title and all payments are made directly to them to assure the proper accounting of the purchaser’s funds.

All parcels at Chevelon Canyon Ranch are served by good bladed roads along County recorded easements. Maintenance of this network is well funded, responsive.

Sensible use guidelines assure preservation of the fine wilderness environment.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.