Topograpical Map

Location: Chevelon Canyon Ranch is located on the north slope of the Mogollon Rim approximately 14 miles north of Heber, Arizona in Navajo County. The Ranch is easily accessed off of SR 377 via a County maintained road.


Size: The parcels range in size from 36 to 41 acres.

Elevation: Elevations within the Ranch range from 5,500’ to 5,950’.

Topographical Features: Chevelon Canyon Ranch is accented by heavily wooded hills and ridges that provide sweeping overlooks of the surrounding wilderness. The land here is richly varied, offering a wide variety of terrains, landscapes and solar facings from which to choose. The contour mapping brings out some of this detail. The contour lines are at 10 foot intervals. The closer the spacing between the lines, the more dramatic the elevation changes become. Blue indicates rain fed arroyos.

Special Features:  The waters of Chevelon Canyon and its tributaries have carved scenic sandstone lined canyons across the land. Properties bordering these seasonally flowing waterways enjoy spectacular building sites all along their generous canyon frontages. These canyons with their gently flowing waters and clear natural pools were home to the ancient Anasazi Indians. Painted pottery shards, flint arrowheads and spear points are commonly found along these scenic canyon watercourses. Today elk, deer, and antelope find sanctuary within the ranch’s lush hills and valleys.

Many properties border sections of either BLM or State of Arizona Trust lands. These vast 640 acre tracts with their beautiful woodlands and lush grassy meadows provide quiet natural backdrops for adjoining property owners.

Water: Water is via private wells. The Ranch overlays the massive Coconino Aquifer Basin and features abundant, clean water for Ranch owners. Additionally, there are two free access convenience wells available to ranch property owners for water hauling.