Tract 5 – 36.01 acres - One of the prime properties in the Ranch, this land is well treed throughout its boundaries providing exceptional cabin & RV sites secluded amid its woodlands. The best of these sites are situated atop the brow of a gentle rise running north to south along the land’s western portion. Cabins built anywhere along this ridgeline will have beautiful views down and across the property and deep into the 640 acre tract of neighboring woodlands to the east. The property is approximately square in shape measuring 1,433’ X 1,070. It controls over 1,000’ of road frontage which runs along its entire western border providing easy access points from which to enter into the acreage. Although well treed, the acreage includes approximately 7 acres of grassy open meadowland near its center. The meadow is level and ideal for an orchard, garden or livestock corals and barns. The entire property is usable through with no areas of erosion or rock. The property lies 1/4 mile from a well maintained County road and like all Horizon Ranch properties; the remaining road access is also maintained. $36,900, $3,690 down, $318 month.

Tract 89 – 38.96 acres – One of two available tracts bordering 640 acres of State of Arizona Trust land, this ranch has 1,291’ of frontage with the Trust land along its entire western border. These expansive 640 acre sections are held in trust and provide a quiet and scenic backdrop to neighboring parcel owners. This land was surveyed to create the ideal blending of wooded areas that transition into a series of grassy meadows throughout its boundaries. An approximate 10 acre stand of evergreens are growing in the northwest portion of the land adjoining the State trust section. This is one of the best areas to build or set up your RV for the weekend. The views from this location stretch out across the State land free of people or their structures.  Another 5 acres of trees is located near the center of the property and another grove in the northcentral portion. The property is level, with a slight rise in its terrain sloping south to north. The property has year-round access off its 1,310’ of County maintained road frontage as well as additional access all along its eastern border via a private maintained road which dead ends at its northeast corner. Easy to fence and entirely usable, this is an outstanding buy in private ranchland. $31,700, $3,170 down, $273 month.

Tract 22- 36.05 acres – The best grazing parcel in Horizon Ranch. Located in the heart of a broad grassy mountain valley within the far northern reaches of the ranch is this entirely usable 36.05 acres. The land is situated at a cool clear 6,460 foot elevation and is easily accessed by private maintained Horizon Ranch roads. A gentle rise at the property’s southern portion provides a series of elevated building sites overlooking the property and the lush valley that surrounds it. The land and is carpeted with a variety of native range grasses and mountain wildflowers growing in a soft sandy loam garden soil. This is an ideal property for those seeking a self-sufficient homestead where the weather soils and abundant groundwater combine to provide the perfect conditions for growing harvests of fruits and vegetables. Horses and other livestock will graze within its pastures which are free of rock and soil erosion. This land enjoys outstanding solar exposures for off grid solar arrays and greenhouse orientations. $22,900, $2,290 down, $197 month

Tract 12 - 36.07 acres – The land is secluded in the far northeastern corner of Horizon Ranch and is accented by an elevated hill in its southeastern corner. The hill, comprising approximately two acres, has sweeping overlooks down across the property and into series of woodlands and meadows to the north and east. Light tree cover spreads across the landscapes of this property giving a nice appearance throughout. A 15 acre stand of evergreens growing in the property’s northeast portion provides a private and protected location to establish a cabin. This portion of the tract adjoins 640 acres of heavily wooded undeveloped ranchland along its eastern border. The elevation in this portion of the acreage stands at 6,478’ above sea level. Every day at this elevation brings clear clean-cool mountain air and clear star filled nighttime skies overhead. Like all Horizon Ranch properties, this acreage is ready to build on with no areas of erosion of rocky unusable sections. The land lies 1.75 miles north of County Road 7230 via private Horizon Ranch interior roads. $25,900, $2,590 down, $223 month.

Tract 24 – 36.09 acres – One of the more heavily treed tracts available featuring a series gently rolling rises that drop down into fertile bottomlands carpeted with a variety of mountain wildflowers and native range grasses growing in a soft sandy loam soil. The flowers and grasses come out in mid-summer with the annual arrival of the summer monsoon rains. The property is roughly square in shape measuring 1,349’ north to south by 1,145’ east to west. There is a thick concentration of trees across most of the land. The trees transition into open meadowland which blankets approximately 10 acres of its southeast portion. The prime building /RV sites are in the center of the property. Build or camp within the trees or along the edge of them with overlooks of the surrounding wilderness. The land is near enough to the county road for easy access to it, but also far enough back in to provide privacy and seclusion. $27,900, $2,790 down, $240 month.

Horizon Ranch offers true self-sufficiency quality land with the soil, water and weather conditions for homesteading free from Property Owners Association restrictions and city zoning ordinances. Outdoor work is rarely curtailed do to the weather. The winters here are mild, typically producing less than 18 of snow most of which falls at a rate of two to three inches per storm and melts into the soil with a day or two. The average high temperature in the coldest month of January is 50 degrees. Summer temperatures are mild with daytime highs averaging in the upper 80’s. Private wells are allowed and do not require permits. The land has a secure groundwater supply from its positioning over the massive Coconino Sandstone Aquifer.