Prices and Terms

Parcel prices vary according to actual size, tree cover & specific features.

Prices in the 36-acre range start at $28,900 with monthly payments of $264. Discounts are available with larger down payments. The seller financing is based on a 15 year term with no early payoff penalty. Terms are:


down, balance at 9% interest


down, balance at 8% interest, 3% discount


down, balance at 7% interest, 5% discount


cash down, 7% discount

Financing is guaranteed. There are no closing costs, no credit checks, no qualifying requirements, no early payoff penalties and all loans are fully assumable.

All property is insured by Pioneer Title and all payments are made directly to them to assure the proper accounting of the purchaser’s funds.

All parcels at Woodland Valley Ranch are served by well-constructed, bladed roads along County recorded easements. Maintenance of this network is well funded and responsive.

Sensible use guidelines assure tasteful use/development and preservation of the fine wilderness environment.

Prices, terms and availability subject to change without notice.