Extra Caution on Water

As you look into land – from us, from anyone – be sure to determine the availability of underground water and the depth (hence the economy and practicality of drilling a well) to that water.

Many otherwise attractive properties offered by other fail badly on this score – underground water being of questionable quantity for domestic use and or excessive depth, thus uneconomical or totally impractical to reach. This should definitely be considered in connection with both the usability of the property and its price!

All of our Woodland Valley Ranch properties feature drilling rights into the massive Coconino Sandstone Aquifer. Wells tapping this aquifer produce abundant yields of sufficient quantity and purity both for domestic and irrigation use and at practical and affordable depths.

Presentation to our customers of the of the Arizona Department of Water Resources water report, confirming water quantity and quality for their specific property is automatic with us. We want you to be fully informed; we’re proud of our water story.

                     Woodland Valley Ranch owners also have free access to the ranch’s convenience well which is available 24/7.