Prices start at $39,900 with $3,990 down and payments from only $344 per month.

Parcel prices vary according to actual size, location and specific features.

Financing is guaranteed.  There are no closing costs, no credit checks, no qualifying requirements, no early payoff penalties and all loans are fully assumable.

All property is title insured by First American Title Insurance Company, one of the nation’s largest and all payments are made directly to them to assure the proper accounting of the purchaser’s funds.

All parcels at Alpine Forest Estates are served by County maintained hard surface roads.  The corners of each property are clearly monumented by licensed surveyors.

Sensible building use guidelines assure tasteful use and preservation of the beautiful forested environment.


Terms:  10% Down

8% Interest – 15 Year term

Community Features

  • Underground Utilities:  Power, Water, Phone, High Speed Internet and Sewer. (As an Alpine Forest owner you can eliminate all the difficulties of individual septic systems.  Individual systems today can commonly cost $20,000 or more.  No need to clear out trees to accommodate a leach field on your property.  No effluent released directly on your property and you will also eliminate the “perc” test requirement.  Sewer also speeds the permit process and lends flexibility to where “you” want your cabin placed on site.  Alpine Forest sewer systems will save you money, time, minimize uncertainty and maximize use.)
  • County maintained streets
  • Lots available bordering the National Forest
  • Site built cabins only, minimum 1,200 sq. ft.
  • No time commitment to build
  • Architectural and use standards which protect and enhance property values
    All prices, terms and availability are subject to change without notice.