Antelope Mountain Ranch140 ACRE Northern New Mexico Wilderness Ranches, Catron County, New Mexico

This selection of 140+ acre ranch estates is set amid
the lush juniper/pinon pine woodlands, grassy meadows,
rain fed arroyos, and towering mesas of the western New
Mexico highlands. Once a part of the historic Kohlhase family ranch, these large secluded wilderness tracts are now available for the first time for private deeding.

Each is unique in its contours, tree cover, view sheds, and individual attributes. Terrain choices include dense stands of evergreens throughout, blends of trees and meadowland, high set wooded hill tops, and all rich grassland. The elevations range from 6,000’ to 6,200”. At this cool clear elevation, the soils and range grasses provide excellent grazing conditions. Native grass varieties include blue and black grama, galleta, muhlys and needle grass. Primary brouse consists of chamiso, winterfat, fourwing saltbush and cliffrose along the edges of the arroyos.

These grasses and mountain wildflowers that cover each parcel are growing in a soft sandy loam soil, which is an ideal base for a wide variety of vegetable and fruit trees.Area organic growers produce abundant yields of corn, wheat, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, beans, peaches, pears, apples and a host of other garden vegetables and fruit trees.

This part of western New Mexico is highly sought after by hunters and fishermen for its abundance of free roaming herds of elk, deer and antelope as well as the many area Arizona national forest lakes that teem with rainbow trout and other sport species.The winters are mild averaging less than 19 inches of winter snow.Annual rainfall averages 10 inches.The summers here are warm and sunny and punctuated by the refreshing monsoon rains that fall throughout the months of July and August.The average summer monthly daytime temperatures range between 80 and 90 degrees with nighttime temperatures ranging from the mid 50’s to the mid 60’s.Winter days are rarely overcast.Area land owners work outdoors under sunny cloudless blue skies most winter days. The average winter daytime highs range between 50 & 55 degrees with nighttime lows between the low 20’s and mid 30’s.

The land is located 19 miles east of the farming and ranching community of St. Johns, Arizona. St Johns, the county seat of Apache County, is a charming small pioneer town which offers a fine compliment of shopping and service related businesses. Schools, churches, restaurants, grocery and hardware stores are within twenty minutes of the land.Access to the property is via the Salt Lake road, a county maintained, hard surface gravel road.

The Coconino De-Chelly aquifer underlies Antelope Meadows Ranch. Well depths in the area range from 80’ to 220’ with outputs ranging from 5 gpm to 60 gpm. Ownership includes drilling rights for a private well.

The property’s recreational, residential and agricultural zoning allows for a wide range of uses with the exception of commercial or industrial. There are no deed restrictions. Home construction, camping and RV use is at the leisure of the owner. Each property can be fenced to keep off open grazing herds that browse on the ranch’s nutrient rich grasses.When paid in full, the land can be partitioned for investment or estate planning purposes. New Mexico state laws and regulations govern the re-subdivision of land. Owners are advised to understand these regulations.



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