The nearby historic town of St. Johns

Nestled in a lush fertile valley high atop the cool-clear highlands of the beautiful Colorado Plateau lies the historic town of St. Johns. With its abundant water supply, rich farming soils, and temperate year-round climate, St. Johns was the perfect location for the pioneer families who settled the valley in the Spring of 1874. Since then the town has grown to become the Apache County seat while still preserving the quiet and tranquil lifestyle that make St. Johns one of Arizona’s best kept secrets.

Rich in pioneer history and steeped in rural traditions this charming town offers Antelope Meadows Ranch owners a full compliment of nearby services.

Yearly Avg High 70°
Yearly Avg Low 35°
Yearly Avg Rainfall 10.63"
Avg annual snowfall 19.7"

January - February
Average Highs 52°
Average Lows 19°
Average Rainfall 1.13"


March - April
Average Highs 66°
Average Lows 29°
Average Rainfall 1.24"


May - June
Average Highs 84°
Average Lows 44°
Average Rainfall 0.79"


July - August
Average Highs 89°
Average Lows 56°
Average Rainfall 4.13"


September - October
Average Highs 52°
Average Lows 19°
Average Rainfall 1.13"


November - December
Average Highs 55°
Average Lows 21°
Average Rainfall 1.11"